Raluca Neferu

Raluca Neferu

About Me

I am an artist; an individual who "loves herself, and celebrates herself".

I want to give people joy and beauty, and I do so through the one thing in my life that I can truly call my own: my art.

I want to live, I want to know, I want to grow; I am adventurous, curious, creative.

As a consequence of those traits, I strove to gain the skill of drawing since early childhood. I felt it to be the best way for me to observe, absorb and connect with other beings and things.

Now, 20 years later, my passion for painting is blooming, as is my determination to master it, and become a great artist.

I have always held a deep enthusiasm for creating, and placed great value upon doing so with integrity of character, and I have recently started to hone my skills with maturity of purpose and dedication.

I will let my paintings speak for themselves, and have them tell the rest of my story.

About My Art

My art is a reflexion of my own ideal of harmony within the individual and within society, an ideal inspired by my perception of and connexion to Nature. My art is not in the least meant to be a reflexion of today’s society, nor is it in any way inspired by modern trends.

I dream of a kind world ruled by love, governed by the laws of Nature; a free world of creative individuals who are determined to grow in harmony. My art helps me to keep my dream alive, and pass it on to others.

I adopt a predominately suprarealist style, which I feel to be best suited to my manner of thinking. I seek to give shape to the unseen, the occult, that which is hidden to the common eye. I enjoy forming and expressing my own interpretations of the cosmos, life and various mythological concepts.

Nevertheless, I also hold realism in high regard, as it captures the graceful motion of life within a portrait, a gesture, a detail. To catch in my mind but a thread of the radiant vibrance of Nature, to hold its vastness in my breast, and then to further its creativeness rather than disturb it with my thoughts, it is a beautiful experience indeed.

I give my palette and my compositions a playful touch – a dash of youth, a sprinkle of elegance.

I am always looking to achieve dynamic compositions, to master the representation of three-dimensional shapes in motion on the two-dimensional static canvas. I have a related interest in choreography and like to think of the characters of my paintings as being highly gifted dancers.

I find inspiration in most any form of art, not only the visual kind. Music “awakens my imagination and heightens my sensation”, and a quality story conjures a good starting image for my paintings.

I hope you find joy in my art, and I thank you for taking the time to perceive it with open senses.

For a more detailed resume, have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

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